A garden bird-feeding fanatic and his troubled wife ride the roller coaster of family relationships, while fending off a social media frenzy and an army of invading squirrels.

Marjorie Peckersley would prefer to be twenty-something again. Trouble is, she’s just turned 70, which cannot be remedied even by sitting in her garden fishpond. If only husband, Norman, had noticed that she was slowly losing the plot, while their wider family relationships fall into ruins.

But he’s too busy caring for his pride and joy – Peckersley’s Bird Café.

When some local animal lovers start rescuing distressed squirrels from a nearby MOD research facility, Norman learns one important truth. Squirrels love both peanuts and bird food in general. The bird café faces wipe-out.

Trouble is, squirrels are very cute and capable of getting the whole world of social media on their side. Norman is very grumpy and in danger of becoming the internet’s #EvilGrandad.

Marjorie is very confused, but hopes her husband can come through. In the meantime, she realises she can take steps to rescue herself.

So why not take a slightly bonkers a ride to Nowtmuch village with the Peckersley’s? Norman and Marjorie – together with a supporting cast of ever-hungry garden birds and squirrels – will be so pleased to meet you there!

A comedy book for our times.

You can buy the book on Amazon here:

Link: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0CYXQTJ3Z/

Peckersley’s Bird Café – NEW! OUT NOW!

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