The ‘Chill Out With A Book’ readers’ website has been supporting independent authors since 2016. Its ‘army of readers’ are on the look out for buried treasure amongst the mountain of indie fiction that they are offered to read each year.

In March 2023 they finally came around to assessing my black humour comedy, ‘Gavin & The Bodysnatchers’. ‘Brilliant, black comedy at its best,’ they concluded awarding top marks against a number of exacting criteria. This resulted in the book being awarded a ‘Premier Award’ for outstanding writing.

Hot on the tail of that, the book won ‘Cover of the Month’, as selected by pro book and graphic designer Cathy Helms from Avalon Graphic. My son Josh, a professional designer himself at a London design studio, had been kind enough to take care of that for me.

Finally, ‘Gavin & The Bodysnatchers’ took first prize for the period, winning ‘Book of the Month’ too.

I was delighted with this recognition for the book and it winning out against some tough opposition. If it encourages more people to read it, I will be even more thrilled!

‘Chill Out With A Book’ Awards For ‘Gavin…’

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